Mackey Custom Hats
1675 HWY 14
Shell, Wyoming
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Why do your hats cost so much less than the other hatters? We don't rent a store, we don't maintain an inventory of finished hats, and we don't have any employees to pay. A better question would be, since our hats are better than theirs, why are their hats so much more expensive than ours?
How long will your hats wear compared to a 4 or 5X store bought hat? People prove to us every year that any hat, store bought or ours can be trashed in a few days or weeks, but given proper handling and care our 10X will easily have double the life of a 4 or 5X store bought hat.
What is proper care? -Don't keep it on the dash  or on the back shelf of a car where the heat from the sun will distort its shape.
-Place it upside down on its crown when you are not wearing it, or for it to dry if its been in the rain.
-Don't' put it on, then pull it tighter by pulling on one front corner of the brim.
My hat is tighter front to back than side to side. What can I do about it? Have it steamed  on the outside of the crown down next to the brim all the way around until it goes on your head easily and wear it until it dries.

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